The Universal Political Scandal – All Authority Is Null & Void



The universal education scandal!

Fact: It’s illegal to use a legal name…

…yet the education system enrols/registers children into school using the Legal Name on the Birth Certificate. This is fraud.

The innocent child is then systematically indoctrinated into believing they ARE the legal name called in the‘Daily Register Ritual’ (see below).

 And so begins the mind control/education of the criminal fraudster, by those career criminal fraudsters called ‘teachers’.

After graduation you’ll begin your life as a career criminal, having obtained your qualifications by fraudulent means, by use of a legal name, you have no authority to use.

You will obtain employment in your chosen field and proceed to follow orders, take decisions, pass judgements, perform duties, give treatments, even kill others, within your role/function/authority/job description – and all this activity and the effects your actions have upon others and the world is rooted in your fraudulently obtained education/certificates/qualifications/degrees and even in your fraudulently signed job application.

Remember, it’s illegal to use a legal name.

It is fraud.

Once a fraud is revealed it renders that which it touches, that which is based within the fraud, null & void – so all the certificates/qualifications/degrees, etc., are not worth the paper they are inked-upon!

Anyone performing a role based within a fraudulently obtained ‘education’ is doing so in fraud, with no right to do so and no protection, in full personal liability for any/all harms arising out of actions taken ‘on the job’.

No corporate immunity exists now.

No work-related insurance exists either, as insurance is claimed/underwritten in the legal name.

All contracts are rendered Null & Void upon revelation of a fraud. And this Legal Name fraud has long been revealed.  Ignorance in matters of law/legality is NO defence.


The Daily Register Ritual

For full details about the Legal Name fraud and how humanity has been deliberately duped into a life of crime and abuse and lies by the very nature of this system called ‘normal’ read the Birth Certificate Fraud Clausula Rebus Sic Stantibus




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