The Universal Political Scandal – All Authority Is Null & Void

Babylon Is Fallen

It’s all about the Legal Name. A key both locks & unlocks…

Kate of Gaia


1. NAME: The master key to the entire system’s/CROWN CORPORATION’S game. The NAME is the lynch pin to the entire legal/control construct. Without a LEGAL NAME, which is your consent by agreeing to be said NAME, the system vampires cannot literally feed on your life blood/creation source energy that is typically shown in the physical materials we collect. It is only the CONSENT to be/use/have a LEGAL NAME/Mark of the Beast that is required for your absolute spiritual contract/deal with the devil motif to be in FULL FORCE AND EFFECT with you as a SLAVE and them as MASTER. For PROOF of this, look and see how much of your life/existence involves a LEGAL NAME and you will see the measure of control the system has over you.

2. REGISTER/REGISTRATION etc. : Any/all things registered are FULLY SURRENDERED with consent to the CROWN CORPORATION with NO legal recourse until such…

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