The Universal Political Scandal – All Authority Is Null & Void

Legal Name Junkies

.<y You are acting as a ‘Legal Name Junky’ consenting to be hooked-up directly to the control system via illegal I.D./I.V….until you Stop!




All ‘Legal Name Junkies’ need to realise/real-eyes what’s going on, not only you, so don’t feel bad.  It’s a worldwide issue, the same for almost everyone.

We were duped! En masse, scammed!

By our ignorant use of the Legal Name, which is in fact illegal to use, we have unknowingly empowered those who use us as nothing less than modern-day slaves – slaves who work and strive within a fraudulent system feeding, energising & profiting those who would be our slave-masters and their hordes of ‘happy to serve evil’ minions  –  quite literally.

Now you know this, you can choose what to do next.

Losing the legal name attachment (attach – ment where ‘ment’ is another word for ‘mind’) is a state-of-mind.

Just change your mind.  Break the contract, break attach-ment.

Act accordingly with this truth:

It’s illegal to use a Legal Name.  

The Legal Name is the lynch-pin to the entire control system construct.

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